New group releases edited version of controversial video

It is not S.M. Entertainment’s year.

First, there were the repeated dating scandals. Then, Kris of EXO filed a lawsuit against the company in an attempt to end his contract. Now, a group has debuted and, within a week, has already generated controversy with its music video.

S.M. Entertainment revealed the debut video for its new four-member girl group, Red Velvet, on Aug. 1. Within hours, viewers were discussing various images included in the video for the single “Happiness.”

Collages of newspapers referencing the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (which included a racial slur) appeared behind member Irene. In another scene, member Seulgi is seen playing with a toy airplane, while underneath her arm appears a collage of Sept. 11 imagery.

S.M. Entertainment denied knowing about the offensive imagery beforehand.

“After questioning the director, we found that he simply used a collage source for the images, and there was no intention behind it,” the company said in an official statement. “As S.M. wasn’t able to catch it before, we will remove the material that caused a misunderstanding as soon as possible.’

‘We will make sure not to let this kind of thing happen in the future,” the statement said.

In the days following the release of the “Happiness” video, netizens threw around ideas about the real reason behind the video’s release. Many said the offending imagery was included on purpose to draw attention to the group (and pull attention away from f(x)’s recent failed promotions).

A new version of the music video was released on Sunday, with the offending imagery edited out.

The group is also already embroiled in a second controversy: it is facing plagiarism allegations over the use of its logo, which resembles that of Italian luggage maker, Roncato.

All Star Korean Pop Band to Hit the Verizon Stage in Grapevine

VIXX, a hugely popular Korean pop band is coming to Dallas, in a first of its kind venue. These boys as talented and vocally diverse as they are can harmonize, and bring you to your feet with excitement. Korean music brought to the forefront by PSY and Gangham Style is a very diverse genre of entertainment. VIXX, which stands for “Voice, Visual, Value In Excelsis” is a 6 member band comprised of multifaceted young men. Cha Hagyeon, the leader of the band, who goes by the stage name “N” leads the infamously intricate Korean style dance routines. Jeong Taekwoon who uses the stage name Leo, uses his undeniable vocals to lead the groups melodies. Lee Jaehwan, or Ken backs him up with a secondary set of vocals. Kim Wonsik, aka Ravi lays down the lyrics to rival Ludacris, G-Dragon as well as T.O.P. Lee Hongbin will show you how he can move to the beat and show off his perfect choreography. Han Sanghyuk, or Hyuk is the bands youngest, yet multi talented, with his vocals, as well as his dancing. The November 8th show will be the first date that the idol group has ever done in the United States, and will be followed by a November 10th show in Los Angeles, CA. For more information contact The Verizon Theater, or your favorite ticketing venue.

Find out more about this band as they are sure for stardom. Watch out Big Bang.

SNSD Girls’ Generation arrives in Los Angeles for SMTown World Tour Concert

Korean Pop group SNSD Girls’ Generation has arrived in Los Angeles for the SMTown Concert World Tour 2010. Yoona gave a short press conference according to allkpop, saying, “We’ve been working very hard for the Japanese showcase and we’re really happy about the good reception. I’m going to try and not be nervous, but have fun for this concert tour.” When asked about her fashion she said she wore whatever was most comfortable since it was such a long plane ride.

The SMTown Concert World Tour will take place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, the show starts at 7pm lasting 4 hours. SMTown artists will also be holding a press conference a few hours before the actual event.

This is the first time, AEG Live, the world’s second largest concert promoter will host an asian concert at the Staples Center. Groups expected to perform at SMTown include, KangTa, SHINee, Super Junior, BoA to name a few. These groups are highly regarded as the leaders of the k-pop wave in the world.

Don’t miss out on seeing SNSD now that they’re in L.A. Expect this to be a very exciting event for k-pop fans in the U.S.

Korean Band Boyfriend To Perform In US Showcase In Dallas

The South Korean sensation band Boyfriend is coming to The Verizon Theater March 11th, 2014. Tickets are on sale now, for $220 Red Zone (VVIP) free latest album + album-signing session & hi-touchwith Boyfriend $160 Yellow Zone (VIP) with hi-touch passes $110 Blue Zone $90 Orange Zone $70 Green Zone. Tickets go on sale January 7th, and can be found on Famous for recent K-pop hits like “Janus” and “I Yah”, the band is well known for their debonair fashion, and quick learning of their advanced dance routines.

Jo Youngmin and Jo Kwangmin are twins and by the 100th day of training under another company, they had appeared in over 300 commercials. Starship Entertainment released their debut single “Boyfriend”. In response to fans concerned that the group had limited its appeal in mid-2011, Boyfriend changed their choreography for their single “Boyfriend” when appearing on music shows after rehearsing for two days. The concert will be one of many brought to you by Jazzy Group.

Super Junior teases American fans with tweet

The next stop on Super Junior’s world tour may just be on American soil.

Fans are speculating that Super Junior’s Super Show 5 tour could come to America, following a tweet from one of the members.

On Monday, Siwon left this message for fans on his Twitter: “I have a kind of big news for US family,” accompanied with a photo of the group in their Super Show 5 costumes.

The group’s international fanbase took notice and collectively questioned what Siwon could have meant with his simple message. A trip through Siwon’s tag on tumblr brings up posts from fans that expressed various sentiments, most of them resembling “I have to go to SS5!” (of course written in all caps).

If Super Junior does come to the States, it will be the first time the band has performed by itself for American audiences. The group has previously visited California and New York.

U-KISS loses youngest member

In a surprising announcement, NH Media says Shin Dong Ho will be leaving U-KISS.

The entertainment company released an initial statement on Wednesday revealing Shin’s departure, citing health issues as the main reason.

“[Shin] will be absent from team promotions starting with U-KISS’ new album which will be released this month, and he will be putting on hold his activities as a celebrity,” the statement said. “[He] has revealed that he doesn’t believe his health condition and stamina fit well with the life of a singer.”

According to the first statement, Shin wanted to live a normal life rather than that of a celebrity.

A second statement released late Wednesday revealed more details about Shin’s departure.

“[Shin] didn’t think the celebrity life was right for him and has discussed this multiple times … [he] initially took a break from his activities, but officially decided to leave the group on the 16th,” NH Media said. The statement added that Shin took a break from activities following a concert in Tokyo on August 30th.

Shin joined the group in 2008 when he was just 14 years old. He was the most active member of the group, appearing in numerous variety shows, five films, and four endorsements. He was not the first member to leave the group; former members Alexander Lee Eusebio and Kim Ki Bum left in 2011 and were replaced by Kim Jae Seop and Yeo Hoon Min.

NH Media also said U-KISS will release a new album with its remaining six members.

Supergroup makes comeback with new members

SM Entertainment’s S.M. the Ballad will make its comeback Thursday with a few new faces.

The company posted an official announcement on its’ Facebook page Monday, revealing the project group’s new lineup. Jonghyun (SHINee) is the only member from the original group. Joining him will be Changmin (DBSK); Krystal (f(x)); Taeyeon (Girl’s Generation); Chen (EXO-M); Yesung and Zhou Mi (Super Junior); and soloist Zhang Li Yin.

Three versions of S.M. the Ballad’s new album, “Breath,” will be released Thursday, with songs performed in Korean, Chinese and Japanese. Starting Monday, and continuing for four days, each song from the album will be released. The first single will be “Breath,” performed by Jonghyun and Taeyeon. Tuesday will see the release of Jonghyun and Chen’s “A Day Without You,” followed by Taeyeon’s solo, “Set Me Free,” on Wednesday. The rest of the songs will be released Thursday.

Changmin and Krystal sing the title track for the album’s Japanese version, and the Chinese version is performed by Chen and Zhang Li Yin. Yesung’s solo song, “Blind,” appears on the Korean and Japanese versions; the song is performed in Chinese by Zhou Mi. Lastly, “When I Was … When U Were …,” is a duet performed by Chen and Krystal.

S.M. the Ballad debuted in 2010 and originally comprised Jonghyun, Kyuhyun (Super Junior), Jay (TRAX) and Jino.

Girls’ Generation involved in more dating scandals

Sports Seoul revealed Friday that two members of Girls’ Generation are dating (or in Hyoyeon’s case, were dating).

Tiffany is dating 2PM member Nichkhun. A friend of the couple told Sports Seoul, “Tiffany and Nichkhun have been meeting cautiously because they are both [idols].” It was revealed the couple has been dating for four months after being good friends for a long time.

JYP Entertainment released a statement Friday announcing the couple is together. “As reported, Tiffany and Nichkhun have been dating for four months. Please look over them with care,” the statement said.

Fellow Girls’ Generation member Hyoyeon was also involved in her own dating scandal. Newsen reported on April 1 that Hyoyeon was involved in an accidental assault of an acquaintance. “According to reports, Hyoyeon and a male friend were joking around when she accidentally hit him in the face,” the news outlet said.

Seoul’s Yongsan District Police Department stated that Hyoyeon and her male friend were at a mutual friend’s house on March 30. While joking around, Hyoyeon accidentally hit the man in the eye. He went to the police department and reported her for assault. After investigating, the police concluded it was a “simple incident” and the man said, “I don’t think she purposefully hit me.”

On Friday, Newsen revealed the man was Hyoyeon’s boyfriend, and also that she broke up with him following the incident. SM Entertainment said, “Hyoyeon has already broken up with the man mentioned in the articles.”

Since the beginning of the year, four members of Girls’ Generation have been revealed to be dating: Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung and Yoona.

U-KISS member shares thoughts on sexy concept

A member of U-KISS has apologized to fans who may have been offended by the group’s sexy new concept.

Kevin Woo, a vocalist in the seven-member group, posted a TwitLonger message to his Twitter Thursday, revealing his feelings on U-KISS’ most recent video’s material.

In his tweet, Woo said, “I’m part of a group and sometimes being a part of a group and working in the entertainment industry means I don’t always have full creative freedom to do things how I wish. This inner conflict that I deal with as a K-Pop artist and group member applies to this situation.’

‘I personally do not believe in the behavior portrayed in our music video ‘Quit Playing’, and the characters we had to portray in this music video were not the characters I chose. I would like to apologize to our fans and viewers who might have been offended by the material in the music video and choreography,” he said.

The group released its video for “Quit Playing” on Monday, surprising fans with its highly sexual imagery. The video received a 19+ rating in South Korea, meaning it was intended for viewers 19 years old and older.

In one scene, a girl hovers over Eli while the two are in bed; in another, Hoon and Kiseop have a (clothed) girl pressed between their shirtless bodies as they encircle her. The choreography for the song has also come under fire for resembling sexual acts. Adding fuel to the controversy is the fact that the group’s newest member Joon is 17 years old — he is not even old enough to watch the video he appears in.

The video for “Quit Playing” has racked up nearly 660,000 views since its release Monday.